STDCLogoSouth Tipperary Development Company Limited is a Local Action Group that manages the following programmes and services in South Tipperary:

Our mission is to contribute towards the improvement of the social,’socio-economic’ and economic circumstances of targeted individuals, groups and communities within the area through the implementation of a number of Rural Development and Social Inclusion Programmes.

South Tipperary Development Company was formed as a result of a cohesion process, which formed part of government policy to streamline the delivery of services to communities and groups throughout the country. The groups involved in the process in South Tipperary were Barrow Nore Suir LEADER Company,(BNS), Tipperary LEADER Group and Clonmel Community Partnership.

The company is a limited company and has 24 director positions, which are filled from prescribed sectors / pillars e.g. state agencies, local government, community and voluntary and the national social partners.

The Company’s catchment area is the local authority area of South Tipperary, except for the National Countryside Recreation Strategy which includes the entire county of Tipperary.