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Work It Out Poster March 2016

WorkCentre Opportunities
WorkCentres give people the opportunity to take control of their careers, to think and plan where they want to go and to start to make this real from day one of the programme.
Work Centres do two main things to overcome this and build real community empowerment
1. Participants are trained in Work It Out! This shows them how to be successful by building their future through a series of workpieces.
2. Participants work collaboratively in groups to support and help each other to create their workpieces. They learn from each other, develop their personal and work skills, increase their confidence – and start to build their future in small steps.
Background to the WorkCentre training programmes
The training approach and content for WorkCentres are based on Des McCabe’s book ‘Work It Out!’ Since the launch of the Work It Out! book over 9,000 participants in the UK alone have attended the hugely successful Work It Out! Programmes from 2012 to 2016 – in Belfast, Motherwell, Stroud, King’s Lynn, Coleraine, Bedford, Glamorgan, Middlesbrough, Spelthorne, Manchester, Strabane, Chichester, Peterborough, Horsham – and many other areas.
A whole new model of empowerment was created – made up of participants working collaboratively, sharing ideas and encouraging each other – in order to tackle challenges, generate income, build projects and develop workpieces based upon their strengths and interests.
The work is rooted in the local community, delivered and managed by local individuals/organisations, focusing on building opportunities for participants and supported by the WorkCentres framework. It’s a bottom up, active engagement initiative that addresses participant needs, supports capacity building, delivers empowerment, promotes wellbeing and encourages practical wealth creation. The WorkCentre approach is currently being used by Community Organisations to support employment.
What does a WorkCentre do?
 Offers a friendly and welcoming place to meet colleagues and build new supportive relationships.
 Delivers a weekly training and support workshop packed with learning and opportunities to build upon each participant strengths, passions and experience.
 Is focussed on getting real results for each person whatever their needs or circumstances by helping them to create a series of workpieces (work projects).
 Provides a focal point and supportive space for skills development, idea creation, opportunity sharing and encouraging enterprise.
 Helps participants to develop income generation skills by e.g. working on projects, creating items and selling services.
Gives real examples of success, role models and learning that can be replicated by others.

Recruiting Participants – a half day Work It Out! event

Participants are typically recruited onto the programme through a half-day Work It Out! event facilitated by Des McCabe. The aim of this session is to provide an introduction to Work It Out! the personal development support available and to enrol the initial group of participants.
Here is some information on the workshop:
Work It Out 2016
Three-hour career development workshop with Des McCabe
Key topics include:
– Understanding the new world of work
– How can you find the career or work that you really want to do?
– Jobs and Work are not the same thing
– Looking at yourself in SIX new ways
– Building your future piece by piece with ‘Work it Out!’
– Apply for the easy work you enjoy
– The BIG 19 Work it Out! perspectives
– We don’t just have to be one thing
– Work it Out! and Workpieces
– How to find work that is not advertised
– Workpiece ideas you can start today
– Fourteen of the most popular workpieces
– How to turn Social Networking into Self Sustainability Networking?
– Why work-life balance is at the heart of ‘Work it Out!’
– How to create workpieces from nothing?
– Make sure you’re qualified for the new world of work
– Creating ‘passive’ income for your future
– What you should be doing now to build a brilliant career
– Deciding on your next or priority workpiece
– Personal priorities and action plan

Participant Responsibility
Ongoing Delivery and Support
All individuals have personal responsibility for the success of the WorkCentre from day one.
This responsibility is particularly relevant in 3 key areas
1. Responsible for other participants.
2. Responsible for sustainability and income generation – i.e. continuation of the WorkCentre beyond this funding period.
3. Responsible for all practical activities including organising sessions, room preparation, refreshments & tidying up.
The ‘weekly workshop’ helps to build local capacity
The weekly Workshop typically runs for two hours and consists of 4 key elements
1. Feedback from individuals on achievements/difficulties (30 minutes)
2. New training input with group exercise (40 minutes)
3. Project group work on workpieces (40 minutes)

4. Personal Action Plan (10 minutes)

About the author of the book and developer of the Programme
Des McCabe a brief biography
Des has a long track record in the area of job creation. After a number of corporate roles he founded “The Training Business” in 1984 which in the 1980s and early 1990s grew to become the largest independent training organisation in the UK. By the time the company was sold in 1995 it was finding jobs for 5,000 long term unemployed and helping 4,000 get qualifications every year.
His expertise in the field of job creation led to his becoming an advisor to the British, Irish, US, Argentinian, Romanian and Albanian governments on employment, social inclusion and training related policy.
He received formal recognition of his standing as one of the leading job creation entrepreneurs from “Europe’s 500” one of Europe’s most prominent bodies of entrepreneurs.
He now has over 20 books published on Amazon in topics such as personal development, business success, mindfulness, spirituality and career development.
Des is a sought after international speaker, facilitator and conference chairperson. Among his most requested Speaking topics are:
 ‘Work It Out’ for individuals – how to find work, earn income and build your career.
 ‘Work It Out’ for team effectiveness and organisation development.
 How to promote entrepreneurship & dramatically increase new local business start-up rates.
 Tackling poverty – promoting engagement, inclusion and income generation in local communities.
 Proven income generation ideas & sustainability strategies for the community & voluntary sector.
 Helping individuals who are ‘at risk’ to find work, earn income & move forward