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Tipperary Town Bandstand: Restored by TÚS in 2103

Tipperary Town Bandstand: Restored by TÚS in 2013

Tús is a national activation initiative for people who are unemployed and on the Live Register. Tús is designed to provide short term working opportunities for unemployed people while at the same time supporting and adding value to the broad range of services delivered by community and voluntary bodies.  The Tús Programme is delivered in South Tipperary by the South Tipperary Development Company on behalf of the Department of Social Protection. We currently have an allocation of 200 placements which are fully filled and successfully operational, benefiting both the individuals and their host organisations. We are however accepting applications from groups from across South Tipperary as we continue to seek opportunities for our participants.

This is an unique opportunity for organisations to access the broad range of skills, talents and experience which our clients possess. We are inviting applications on an on going basis from community, voluntary, not for profit groups to provide quality work placement opportunities.

There is no application process for unemployed people to take part in the Tús Programme.  Participants are randomly selected, contacted by DSP and offered the opportunity to participate on the Programme.

Tús Team Leaders

There are currently 10 Tús Team Leaders working on the programme in South Tipperary. Their names, contact details and locations can be found here. Team Leaders in each area are available to discuss placement options with any group/organisation and support them to complete an application to participate in the programme.

Further detailed information about Tús can be found in this list of frequently asked questions on the website of the Department of Social Protection www.dsp.ie.

Eligible Work

In general all works and services undertaken or delivered by the community and voluntary sectors for the benefit of the general community or specific sectors can be considered eligible.  Selected placement opportunities will fall within the following broad categories of work:

Environmental services, to include

  • Energy conservation work in low income homes and community buildings
  • Renovation of community and sporting facilities
  • Development, regeneration and enhancement of community spaces, gardens, parks, leisure areas, including sport grounds and school grounds where services are not otherwise provided
  • Neighbourhood, village and countryside enhancement, including clean-up
  • Recycling and repair of equipment, including furniture, tools, bicycles, and IT items.

Caring services, to include

  • Social care for all persons with such needs
  • Personal aide to any person with particular needs due to ill-health, limited or restricted mobility
  • Services for children in crèches and childcare settings
  • Preparation and delivery of meals for older people or those with limited income
  • Visitation, friendly call and befriending programmes for older people, those with mental health needs and those confined to home.

General community services, to include

  • Caretaking, securing, supervising of community buildings and spaces
  • Administration, web design, social media, reception, production of newsletters
  • Community research and evaluation, including genealogy
  • Event management, promotion and administration
  • Retail services in charity or community settings
  • Promotion and support for volunteering.

Heritage and cultural services, to include

  • Promotion of the Irish language and cultural activities
  • Development and maintenance of walking, cycling and leisure trails
  • Administration, marketing and promotion of local heritage sites and events
  • Staffing of cultural, tourism and heritage centres.

Para-educational services, to include

  • Administration, caretaking and other non-teaching or classroom supports
  • Services for children in crèches and childcare settings
  • Early years and after-school supports for children and young people
  • Literacy, numeracy and related supports for adults and children or those with limited command of the English or Irish languages
  • Assistance with recreational opportunities for adults/young people including coaching, training, art/music classes
  • Actions to develop or support the school completion programme and related initiatives.
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