Teacher Classroom Management Programme

Teacher Classroom Management

The Teacher Classroom Management, 6 day  programme, is delivered one day at a time with 3 weeks between each workshop. This enables teachers to implement and test the strategies they cover over the course of the training. It is designed for teachers, classroom assistants, resource workers who work with children aged 3-8 years . It can be used as either a general prevention programme for all teachers in a school or a more intense programme for teachers with a high proportion of disruptive pupils in their classroom. It is delivered to groups of 16 teachers (maximum).

The rationale for the programme is that children who are disruptive at home are likely to be disruptive at school and may elicit the same negative reactions from teachers that they have experienced from their parents. In addition they may be excluded by their peers. Children cannot flourish in such an environment and their behavioural problems are compounded by academic under-achievement. According to the developer of the Incredible Years programme:

The TCM training programme aims to improve the skills and strategies of teachers, by emphasising

  • Positive Communication
  • Limit-Setting
  • Problem-Solving
  • Anger-Management
  • Communication with Parents
  • Teacher Support Networks


Full Information on Content and Objectives of Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management here

Content and Objectives


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A whole school approach is favoured since generalisation of The Incredible Years principles across the entire school environment is very reinforcing for the child with behavioural difficulties.
In their interactions with children the consistency of approach among school staff, parents and other professionals is what makes a real difference