Incredible Years Parent Group Leader Training

The Incredible Years Programme for South Tipperary provides Parent  Group Leader Training and Peer Coaching/Support for those who want to become Incredible Years Group Leaders can attend the 3 day parent Group Leader training course and access follow-on support delivered by Archways. The 3 day training introduces potential Group Leaders to the content of the Incredible Years Parent programme. Once delivery of the programme begins Group Leaders can then access regular support/coaching sessions to support the delivery of the programme and progress to become an Accredited Incredible Years Group Leader.

The Incredible Years  Parent Group Leader Training Programmes

The Basic Parent Group Leader training programme is a course for those interested in delivering the Incredible Years  Parent programm.  This 3 day training is designed to promote positive strategies and to assist parents in managing childrens behaviour problems. The programme includes: play, helping problem solving, effective communication skills and supporting childrens education. Group process issues such as empowering parent, collaborating, dealing with resistance, confronting and teaching, supporting and advocating for parents will be discussed. The training provides group leaders with the skills and information they need to begin delivering the Incredible Years Basic Parent programme.