Community Development in Cooleens Close, Clonmel

In 2012 the LCDP began working closely with Cooleens Close community group to seek a solution to the problem of an overgrown and dis-used field that was becoming a site of anti social behaviour. At this time the residents had become despondent and disillusioned with what they felt to be apathy and indifference by key agencies to their issue.
Working in partnership with the LCDP and Tus, the community transformed this disused field into a space that included: an allotment, memorial garden, skittles area and a community cabin which will be the centre for future community activities in the estate. While the collaboration between LCDP and Cooleens bought about physical improvements to the estate it also resulted in increased engagement with local services such as the Clonmel Borough Council, DSP, HSE, Tipperary Education and Training Board, Clonmel Community Drugs Based Initiative. Since 2013 the Cooleens community have been incredibly busy working to sustain the development of this community space. In 2013 and 2014 they have participated in a number of community education projects including horticulture and community arts as well as engaging in a number of woodwork and construction activities.
LCDP continues to support the Cooleens Community group and provides practical supports such as:
• Facilitate the development of community development plans for the estate
• Provide linkages with other relevant services and community groups that can support their work.
• Ongoing communication with Cooleens Community Group regarding local, regional and national initiatives and opportunities that are of relevance to them.
• Support their participation on local community fora.
The LCDP is committed to working with community groups in RAPID and CLAR areas of South Tipperary to support these groups to work towards the development of their communities which will result in long term positive impacts for individuals and communities as a whole.
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