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Ukrainian, Refugee Support Programme

Services Description

The main objectives of the Ukrainian Refugee Support Programme are to provide support for the medical, educational cultural needs and job opportunities for Ukrainians living in South Tipperary and unifying of Ukrainians and facilitation of their integration into the Irish society. Also organise and deliver local events that support integration.


If you have some medical problems and you cannot find a GP, we can connect you with HSE service.


If you came to Ireland and you don’t speak English, we can help you find Language courses. If your child goes to school, we can find a suitable school for your child.


The temporary protection allows you to work while you are in Ireland. We can help you with your CV and covering letter. We will connect you with different programmes (SICAP, TUS, RSS…)


When you receive private accommodation we can help with setting up different services (electricity, internet, waste removal).

Community Integration

There is a broad range of projects being rolled out to support participation in recreational, physical, creative, social, and cultural activities to support Ukrainian refugees to adapt to their new surroundings while focusing on supporting their general health and wellbeing.

Who is this Service for?

This service for Ukrainian citizens who are fleeing Ukraine and are covered by the Temporary Protection Directive and are living in South Tipperary.

Other Information

Contact our team for more information:

Galyna Iarmoliuk
Ukrainian Refugee Support Worker STDC

Christina Shulyak
Ukrainian Refugee Support Worker STDC

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