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Supporting Local Community Groups (SICAP)

Services Description

SICAP provides support to targeted communities to identify and address social exclusion and equality issues through developing the capacity of, and supporting groups to engage with relevant stakeholders, ultimately resulting in the development of more sustainable communities.

An inclusive and empowered community can respond to its own needs. Through targeted supports from SCIAP and a commitment to the principles of participation, LCGs can build their capacity resulting in effective and meaningful partnerships, which includes the involvement of the target groups in the co-design and implementation of actions and initiatives.

Who is this Service for?

New groups

  • SICAP Development officers work with communities in South Tipperary, and pay particular attention to developing new groups in target areas where there is currently low community engagement.
  • This can include Community consultation, outreach and pre-development activities in the area.
  • Through SICAP expertise and experience, key community representatives supported to form a group.
  • SICAP staff will directly engage with the LCG to develop the Annual Support Plan. This process will support the Group to consider their purpose and design their objectives and activities with the aim. Training and support needs will be identified from this, providing opportunities for Groups to expand their skillset and knowledge as well as gaining practical support in their own areas of need.

Existing groups

  • SICAP also work with existing LCGs, ensuring support for both area-based groups (such as resident’s groups and networks) and issue-based or representative groups including those responding to identified thematic areas including Older people in Isolation,Refugee groups, and gender based groups (Mens Sheds, Womens Groups) and also to advocacy groups and those with a focus on health and wellbeing.
  • Training and Information events will be organised on topics such as Governance and Volunteer Activation for those who are progressing in capacity.
    Advice and developmental support will also be provided to individual groups as they deliver on their objectives as per their support plans, including accessing various grants
  • Community Representatives will be supported to attend training, and mentoring will be provided on a regular basis.

Other Information

Contact Paddy Fitzpatrick at 087 3485239 or

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