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Walk Scheme

Services Description

This scheme provides a strategic, collaborative framework to facilitate the consolidation and sustainable growth of the outdoor recreation sector. While respecting the landowners and other custodians of the land and water, caring for the environment and promoting responsible recreation, it also seeks to realise the social, health and economic benefits of rural recreation.

South Tipperary Development CLG (STDC) play a key role in the implementation of the strategy. The company has a service level agreement with the Department of Rural and Community Development (DRCD) for the delivery of the Walks Scheme across the whole of Tipperary and has done so since the inception of the scheme in 2008. 180 landowners are participating on the Walks Scheme in county Tipperary. STDC employs a Rural Recreation Officer (RRO), whose main duties include the co-ordination of trail management and maintenance through the walk scheme as well as   supporting the planning and development of new trails and recreational infrastructure across the County.

Who is this Service for?

This scheme is for landowners interested in allowing walking trails be accessible to the public.

Other Information

For more information, please contact John Egan​​​​ at 087 0556465 or

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