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Rural Development Programme (LEADER)

The EU Rural Development (LEADER) programme promotes sustainable development in Europe’s rural areas addressing economic, social and environmental concerns. In Ireland, it provides grant aid for projects that improve all aspects of social, economic and environmental life and tackle the challenges facing rural areas.


Over the last 25 years the LEADER programme has worked alongside South Tipperary communities and individuals with funding, supports and resources to assist in the development of stronger, better connected, more resilient and prosperous communities. We have supported projects in enterprise, farm diversification, tourism, local food, community facilities, greater social inclusion, environmental protection, and climate action.

Going forward we will continue to support and encourage entrepreneurship and job creation in the county and encourage rural communities to build on their existing strengths and promote an inclusive society.

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We welcome project ideas that fit with the core themes and subthemes of the Tipperary Local Development Strategy 2023-2027  ie.

Economic Development and Job Creation

  • Developing Tipperary’s Green Economy
  • Supporting Agricultural Diversification
  • Promoting rural tourism and recreation
  • Promoting Enterprise development
  • Developing and Enhancing rural Food Production
  • Developing and supporting social, community and co-operative enterprises

Rural Infrastructure and Social Inclusion

  • Developing sustainable rural infrastructure eg community facilities
  • Developing accessible services to promote inclusion and wellbeing –
  • Developing and sustaining services for youth (15-40)

Sustainable development of the rural environment and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

  • Enhancing Co. Tipperary’s environment – water quality, biodiversity and renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Training and development in Climate Change, Biodiversity maintenance and restoration
  • Supporting communities and enterprises to adapt to the consequences of climate change
  • Rural entrepreneurs and businesses looking to expand or diversify, or start a brand new business with a particular focus on rural tourism, food production and the green economy.

  • Farm Families looking to diversify into non-agricultural activities to supplement their farm income.

  • Social enterprises – new and existing – providing social and environmental services

  • Community and voluntary groups promoting social, cultural, local amenity/environmental projects or developing community services.

  • Partnerships promoting projects working with other organisations, including other Local Action Group.

The following rates of aid are the maximum rate available. Please note that applicants who are successful may not receive the maximum rate of aid sought, which will be decided upon by Co. Tipperary Local Community Development Committee.

Project type

Promoter type

Max Grant rate

Max Grant





Analysis and Development / Feasibility Study

For Profit


Non profit











Please note that only expenditure incurred after a contract for LEADER funding has been signed is eligible for grant aid.

Please note that grant funding is paid in arrears eg, you must spend the money and then, subject to audit, the proportion of LEADER funding will be reimbursed to you.

Please note that promoters should have adequate funds to cover bridging finance and any match funding element of their project.

Please contact your Project Development Officer in the first instance where you can discuss the outline of your project proposal and see if it is eligible under the LEADER rules.

For a full application to LEADER you must have the following where relevant

  • Tax Clearance
  • Planning Permission or an exemption from Planning Permission (Section V) for any works 
  • Have followed public procurement guidelines to get quotations for the works required. 
  • Proof of ownership / leasehold / permission for the premises where works are to be carried out.
  • Proof of bridging / matching finance
  • Tax Clearance / VAT status

All promoters must complete a detailed application form.  Your development officer will support you to fill up this form.

Contact our team for more information:

  • Primary Agriculture / Fisheries / Horticultural
  • Mainstream sport
  • Conventional retail operations
  • Loans
  • Operational costs ie Wages / Overheads / Insurance
  • Working capital (including stock)
  • Childcare / Nursing Homes
  • Healthcare and healthcare equipment
  • Housing
  • Planning application fee
  • Reclaimable VAT
  • Motor vehicles ie cars,Improvement / refurbishment of private residential property industrial/farm/construction vehicles vans and buses of normal curriculum
  • Training Courses which form the part of normal curriculum
  • Projects already EU funded

Tipperary Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) has responsibility for the overall delivery of LEADER throughout the county, guided by a local development strategy. South Tipperary Development Company (STDC) implements it in the Municipal Districts of Cahir / Cashel/Tipperary, Carrick on Suir and the Borough District of Clonmel. North Tipperary Development Company covers the Thurles/Templemore and Nenagh MDs.

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Contact our team for more information:

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