Project Description

Active Citizenship Voter Education Programme

Active Citizens Group, Three Drives, Tipperary Town
Workshop in Three Drives FRC, Tipperary Town

In preparation for the General Election 2016, STDC worked with the Vincentian Partnership for Social Justice and brought the ‘Voter Education Programme – Your Voice/Your Vote’ to communities in Tipperary Town and Clonmel.

The workshops explore with people the reasons to vote, shows how to register and how to vote, considers ways of taking an informed stance on issues in Irish society and presents an approach for choosing candidates.
The workshop encourages people to believe in their power to influence what is happening in their country, to participate in the life of their local community and to use their civil right to vote in all elections.

Quotes from participants:

‘Very powerful programme’

‘I now understand the power of my vote’

I’ll be ready with my issues when some comes canvassing to my door’.