Old Bridge Graveyard

Old Bridge Cemetary prior to work

Tús workers commenced work in St. Nicholas graveyard in May this year and have made great progress in clearing up the site with the help of Tipperary County Council and the Old Bridge residents. There is still a lot of work to be completed.AS the saying goes “ A Lot Done More to Do”

The correct name for the Old Bridge Graveyard is St. Nicholas Church & Graveyard it is situated on the south side of the river Suir,250m outside the medieval walled town of Clonmel in the Old bridge quarter of the town.St. Nicholas was a cemetery used for plague victims and the site is medieval, most likely of the thirteenth century.

The more popular name for the church is Teampull na Plaighe- the church of the plague due to the large number of plague victims who were buried there from the thirteenth century up to and including the seventeenth century.St.Nicholas is one of only four surviving medieval churches in Clonmel.

Work will continue on the project over the summer months.

Old Bridge Grotto Clonmel2
Old Bridge Grotto Clonmel
Headstone Old Bridge Cemetary
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M -Old Bridge   08-06-15__1434627116_86.47.115.167