Following up on recent INOU Regional Discussion Forums here is some information we thought would interest you on the Back to Education Programme (BTE).
The Minister for Social Protection has announced a number of significant changes to the Programme. The changes take effect from 1st June 2014 for the coming academic year.
The key changes being introduced include:
• Applicants who already hold a Level 5 or 6 qualification under the National Framework of Qualifications will now be allowed to undertake further courses of study at either of these levels to further their professional/career development and their overall job prospects;
• Applicants wishing to pursue the new Professional Master’s in Education will be able to avail of the BTE programme and;
• Revised application and selection processes and a stronger role for the Department in working with unemployed clients who are considering undertaking a course of study.
Please note:
These changes have come in since June 1st. However, according to reports we have received from around the country, there do not appear to be any guidelines on the Department’s website as to how they are to be implemented, just a link to their announcement about the changes – click here to access link.
We understand from our network of contacts that there is some confusion on the ground, because some local offices have not heard about it and are telling clients that there is no change, therefore they are not allowing clients to do a second course at the same level.
We would like to receive your feedback.
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