South Tipperary Development CLG AGM 2015
The Company AGM 2015 was held in Brú Ború, and members of the company were invited to attend for the first time

Company Membership

The Board of South Tipperary Development Company Ltd have made a decision to invite Members to join the Company for the very first time and would like your committee to consider making the decision to apply for membership.Any individual, group, organisation or committee are entitled to apply to be considered as a Member of South Tipperary Development Company. Applications must be submitted by downloading and completing the application form below, and will be considered at the next scheduled Board meeting of STDC.

The Board of South Tipperary Development Company is committed to the principle of Community Led Local Development. The Company is a firm believer in Community Participation in the setting of the Company’s objectives and the delivery of services by your local development company. South Tipperary Development Company wants you to become involved in steering the direction of the Company and accordingly invites you to become a Member.

The Annual Fee to become a Member of STDC is €25 and membership would bring the benefits below.

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Affiliate membership of South Tipperary Development CLG
  • Entitled to attend and participate in the Annual Members Forum
  • Entitled to attend other Members Forum meetings as agreed by the Forum Members
  • Entitled to attend the STDC Annual General Meeting
  • Annual Forum can agree to submit Notices of Motion for consideration by the Directors at the STDC AGM
  • Members are entitled to receive a copy of the STDC Annual Financial Statement
  • Members may seek clarifications from the STDC Directors, the CEO or the Company Auditor at the STDC AGM
  • From time to time the STDC Board may appoint Advisory Councils and/or Evaluation Committees and seek a nominee(s) from the Members
  • Members will receive periodical newsletters and communications advising about various events, consultations and grants/funding opportunities that may be of interest to you or your group
  • STDC will provide a support and information service to Members
  • Members of STDC will be consulted in regard to preparation of any company strategy, business plan or position paper
  • Members will be allowed to advertise community events, as deemed appropriate by the Executive of STDC, on the various social media platforms operated by STDC
  • Each Member will receive a copy of the STDC Memorandum and Articles of Association.

What are the rights of a member?

A member has the right to obtain a copy of the following company documents:

  • Resolutions and minutes of general meetings;
  • Company registers including, for example, the register of members;
  • Annual Financial Statement and Auditor’s Report.

Who attends the meetings?

If an organisation, group or committee wish to become a Member of STDC, they must pass a resolution appointing their representative. If subsequently approved to be a Member of STDC, the person selected shall be entitled to fully represent their nominating organisation, group or committee, including the right to vote on their behalf. On the application form there is a section titled “Person appointed to represent applicant”, two names may be submitted but only one person per membership can attend the meetings.

You can contact Paula O’Brien by email on or phone 052 7442652 for further information on becoming a member of South Tipperary Development CLG