Eircode is the new postcode system for Ireland

This summer a letter will be sent to all addresses notifying them of the Eircode for that address.

Your address does not change, you simply include the Eircode at the bottom of your address.

Eircode will bring many benefits, making

  • the delivery of goods and services to your home easier;
  • it quicker and easier for medical emergency services to locate your addresses;
  • it easier to shop online

You may be asked for an Eircode when you are in touch with some companies or if you are ordering goods online. It is safe to give an Eircode to anyone you would normally give your address to. For more information visit


Eircode Exp

Eircode Community Outreach Programme

Community and voluntary organisations in your area are helping to spread the word about the benefits of Eircode.

If you know someone who you think could do with some help, please;

  • sit down with them and give them the basic information on the other side of this card;
  • when they receive the letter informing them of the eircode for their address, help them to keep it in a handy place so they can refer to it easily when they need it;
  • ask them if they would like some further help.

An Outreach Champion is coordinating efforts in County Tipperary

Please contact Ellen Cunningham 052-7442652